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The Loadwise 905 indicator is designed to warn the operator of vehicles and machines that feature variable height equipment or attachments about the presence of high voltage overhead cables. The minimum height for a 11-33000Volt cable is 5.2m so when working near to power lines you need to be sure that the minimum safe distance is never exceeded. The Loadwise 905 is a valuable aid for this purpose.

The indicator is powered from the vehicle ignition and detects the proximity of over-head cables using an aerial* mounted on the vehicles cab roof. When a high voltage cable is detected a warning light will flash on the cab control box.  If the hydraulic power take off is engaged when this light is flashing, an audible warning is given to alert the operator before he uses the machines driven function.

Key Features:

• 12 - 24 Volt DC Operation

• Visual Proximity Warning

• Audible Danger Warning

• Dual Sensitivity System

• Override Function

• Outputs for External Alarms



• Excavators

• Lorry mounted cranes

• Access Platforms

• Tipper Lorries

• Concrete pumps

• Agricultural Sprayers

• Hedgers

• Scissor Lifts 


Indicator reduces the risk  of:

• Electrocution

• Damage 

• Repairs

• Downtime





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