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The 5000 series is a fully automatic microprocessor controlled system and operational aid that clearly displays the information and warnings needed for the driver to operate the crane within the parameters of the duty chart. 
For a fully featured indicator with a range of expansion options the Loadwise 5000 is the ideal choice. It has a memory capacity twice as that of a traditional 500 series with increased functionality and integrated optional features to make on-site upgrades as easy as possible.

Key features of the 5000 series include: -

A large digital LCD display (45mm x 125mm) - all essential information continuously displayed includes: -

  • Duty configuration selected
  • Hoist drum (winch) selected and the number of lines (falls) reeved on the hook block
  • Rated Capacity or maximum permitted load
  • Actual load lifted
  • Bar graph indicating the actual load lifted as a percentage of the rated capacity
  • Radius of the load
  • Angle of the boom
  • Visual and audible warnings of approach to and overload conditions
  • Warning messages: Out of Radius/Angle/Duty, High/Low angle, Out of level, Overhoist, Cut out, Last winding (Rope on Winch/drum)
  • Length of the boom
  • Height of the boom head
  • Operator adjustable limits with audible warnings
  • Selectable start up messages can be displayed which require acknowledgment by the operator
  • Displays information & warning messages e.g. "OVERHOIST"
  • Rated Capacity Limiter to existing crane motion controls

The 5000 series can include a wide range of OPTIONS, including: -

  • Range and slew limiting (absolute encoder) with the Loadwise "Virtual Wall" system - The standard version includes up to six operator adjustable 'walls' and two slew-limited arcs
  • Anti 2 block (A2B) overhoist limit facility when the optional limit switch assembly is fitted - Loadwise Model 330
  • Data acquisition with the Loadwise Model 520 logger to provide a comprehensive record of crane activity
  • Load totalising for multiple product types with print-out
  • Anemometer (wind speed) information can be displayed and limit set





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