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The LOADWISE Rated Capacity and Load Moment Indicators/Limiters now include the "Last 100 recall" feature as standard providing a simple effective data recording capability.
The system stores 100 previous load movements and displays them when recalled on the indicators display panel.
Loads above 50% of the rated capacity are stored in positive increments of 10% up to 150% and any change to another percentage band and less than 50% causes another memory store to be made.
The system also stores data on numerous indicator conditions that existed at the time of each store.

  • Load % of rated capacity
  • Approach % exceeded
  • Overload % exceeded
  • Cutout % exceeded
  • No duty chart found for inputs
  • Out of boom length range (telescopic cranes)
  • Out of radius range
  • Out of angle range
  • Rope limit - capacity limited by rope strength
  • Override activated
  • Rigging mode activated
  • System fault