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For a simple fully featured load indicator the Loadwise 317 is the right choice; if you think you may want to add angle or other capabilities in the future we invite you to consider our fully upgradeable Model 600 microprocessor system.

Key features include: - 

  • Digital display of load on the hook
  • Operator adjustable HIGH load limit with visual and audible warnings
  • Adjustable maximum line pull limit
  • Display of load in pounds or kilograms ( x 1000 )
  • Parts of line adjustment for 1 to 99 falls
  • Test push to check the display, audible alarm and motion cut
  • Override push button to deactivate the alarm and motion cut
  • Anti 2 block (A2B) overhoist limit facility when the optional limit switch assembly is fitted - Loadwise Model 330 
  • Displays "OVERHOIST" message on the display and operates a motion cut relay when activated

The 317 is usually combined with a Loadwise running line dynamometer load sensor selected according to rope diameter, line pull and application. Alternative load sensors are described in the sensors section of our web site. 

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