Loadwise Model 310 Load Indicator for Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes PDF Print E-mail


The Loadwise model 310 indicator is an aid to help the operator use the equipment correctly within the design parameters of the crane. Typically a strain gauge load sensor is mounted in the rope hoist system to continuously monitor the load on the crane and compare the load lifted with the maximum rated capacity. The basic system provides warnings when pre-set levels are reached and alternative specifications are available that provide extra features such as displaying the weight of the load lifted, a range of options are available giving a choice of instrumentation to suit each application. 

Key features include:

  • Modular design to suit all types of overhead crane
  • Standard & custom built load cells
  • Fail safe operation
  • Site adjustable trip points
  • Overload Protection - you select the warnings required 
    • Audible warning

    • Visual warning

    • Motion cut 


  • Cab mounted or external (large LCD) digital displays
  • Load Indication & Overload Protection
    • Digital display of Load

    • Audible warning

    • Visula warning

    • Motion Cut 

    • Override 

  • Custom Engineered systems on application